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The Exercise CAPABLE LOGISTICIAN 2015 (CL15)

Exercise Capable Logistician 2015 (CL15) is a Logistic Standardization and Interoperability Field Training Exercise (IOX/FTX) focusing on logistics command and control as well as theatre level logistics, providing opportunity to exercise logistic capabilities for NATO high visibility exercise Trident Juncture 2015 (TRJE15) and is linked to exercise STEADFAST FORTITUDE 2015.

The exercise will be conducted from 1st June till 26th June 2015 in Bakony Combat Training Centre (BCTC) in Hungary. The exercise CL15 is planned and coordinated by the MLCC and supported by Hungary as a Host Nation (HN).

The exercise is planned to encompass fixed facility field trials within a limited tactical scenario. The main focus will be on JLSG operational level and tactical logistic support planning, whilst conducting Interoperability trials and training participants for JLSG HQ and Multinational Integrated Logistics Units processes and to exercise theatre logistics utilizing MILUs. Participating nations will contribute logistics assets, equipment and logistics personnel. Logistic training objectives are focused on logistics planning, identifying interoperability and standardization deficiencies and proposing amendments and developments of STANAGs.

Main objectives for CL15 are to:

  • Provide training opportunity for NATO and PfP nations, NCS, NFS and also TRJE15 participants individuals and units;
  • Implement/Prepare key modes of multinational logistics in accordance with AJP 4.9. This includes: Logistic lead nation (LLN), logistic role specialist nation (LRSN), multinational integrated logistic/medical unit (MILU/MIMU), multinational logistic/medical unit (MLU/MMU), and the use of contractor support to operations (CSO);
  • Create JLSG MILUs;
  • Express national intentions for establishing real MILUs and start process of building up of these units;
  • Evaluate CL15 JLSG HQ CSE (V4 JLSG HQ (41+4 posts)) and CL15 JLSG Units for V4 EU BG16/1 according to, and in extend of V4 requirements;
  • Exercise JLSG according to NATO standards;
  • Focus on Smart Defense projects; and
  • Assess interoperability of logistics systems and equipment, and commonality of procedures of all exercise participants in order to make recommendations for improvements, and to enhance overal interoperability of logistics systems and standardization of procedures in current and future coalition operations.